Our History

Three generations of craftsmen have helped to vault Fabry Inc. into the forefront of the rebuilding and tonal addition field as well as given us the ability to handle any pipe organ related project. The first of these craftsmen was the venerable Gustav Frederic Carl Fabry (pictured). After working for the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ Company, aiding in the installation of the world’s largest pipe organ at the Atlantic City Convention Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, he worked his way up in the M.P. Möller Pipe Organ Company to the position of top tonal voicer.

Pictured at left: Gustav F.C. Fabry with co-workers at the Midmer-Losh organ
(photo credit: ACCHOS, Inc. Used with permission.)

After travelling all over the country tonal finishing large Möller installations (and trying to provide for his family with 3 sons) he finally settled down and founded what was to become our present company in 1955 as the Midwest representatives for Möller. Representing Möller for over 50 years, our family installed over 600 of their organs. The second generation, David James Fabry, oversaw the installation of and worked on 450 of these instruments and brought the company to where it stands now. The third generation, David Gustav Fabry, oversaw the installation of the last 80 Möller instruments before they closed their doors. David G. Fabry, currently part owner and ready to take over the company, has brought us to new heights with his excellent wood working ability. At our shop facility in Antioch, IL, we now produce our own chestwork, finished casework, new and rebuilt consoles, and just about anything made of wood.

Fabry Inc. has been honored to work closely with many pipe organ organizations and builders from all over the country. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and loyalty to the pipe organ craft is known throughout the industry. Our abilities in service work as well as installation and organized removal of pipe organs have given us the rare opportunity to work on many exciting and challenging projects, including the recently completed rebuild of the 57 rank, 1951 M.P. Möller at the Culver Academies, Culver, IN. We service over 350 contracted clients in Illinois and five surrounding states as well as organs in the southeast and southwest United States.

With an industry leading ten (10) year warranty, a fully insured working environment, company owned trucks, trailers and equipment, we can handle any project, large or small, you may have for us. We have over 80 years of combined experience; we enjoy lasting customer satisfaction that is represented by continued trust and reliance from our clients. If you have a pipe organ, regardless of the builder, we would be happy to inspect the instrument, provide you with a competitive quote for tuning and maintenance, and furnish you with a detailed report on the instrument’s condition. Our main concern is always the success and sound operation of any instrument.