Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church - Marshfield, WI


Our work at Our Lady of Peace encompassed a list of things some churches only wish about.

It was brought to our attention that the church desired to move the organ from its original chamber to what would be newly constructed chambers on either side of the balcony, at the opposite end of the sanctuary. Through many exchanges of ideas the project came about with exciting speed.

Ultimately this is what transpired: We moved the organ to two newly-constructed chambers on both sides of the balcony, one level above the height of the choir's seating. The new chambers received two new grille cloth assemblies, one facing the balcony and one facing the sanctuary. The new Swell chamber also received another swell shade frame and electric action. Since the organ is now divided along the width of the balcony, another reservoir was added on the opposite side of the blower, under the Great, to help provide stable wind. All windlines are located under the floor to allow the maximum amount of room in the chamber.

Since we were completely re-engineering the organ it was the perfect time to add ranks to the organ. First, we moved the 16' Trompette unit from the Swell to the Great. We added a 4' Octave, a 2-2/3' Twelfth, and a 2' Super Octave, all of which are 61 pipes, to the Great. In the Pedal we added an 8' Principal of 44 pipes and two electronic extensions, a 16' Principal (1-12) and a 32' Untersatz (1-12). In the Swell, we added an 8' celeste of 49 pipes, an 8' Clarinet of 61 pipes, and a 3 rank mixture of 183 pipes. The organ doubled in size from 9 ranks to 18 ranks and it now has 1,189 pipes.

The console received an expanded Z-bracket to accommodate the increase in stop controls. The relay was split and augmented as well.


New Great Chamber from the Balcony 

New Swell Chamber from the Balcony 


Winding Details 


Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church
Marshfield, WI
M.P. Moller Pipe Organ Co.
Hagerstown, MD
Fabry Inc. Pipe Organ Builders
Antioch, IL
II/18; 37 stops - Rocker-tab
Peterson Duo-set/Multiplex Relay

Great Manual I Enclosed Swell Manual II Expressive Pedal
16 Bourdon Rank 1   8 Gedeckt Rank 10 32 Untersatz ext. R1
  8 Principal Rank 2   8 Viola Rank 11 16 Principal ext. R18
  8 Rohrflöte from R1   8 Viola Celeste (tc) Rank 12 16 Bourdon (Gt)
  8 Viola from R11   4 Spitz Principal Rank 13   8 Principal Rank 18
  4 Octave Rank 3   4 Gedeckt from R10  8 Rohrflöte (Gt)
  4 Flute from R1   2 Doublette from R13  8 Viola (Sw)
  2-2/3 Twelfth Rank 4   1-1/3 Quint from R11  4 Octave from R18
  2 Super Octave Rank 5      Mixture III Ranks 14, 15, 16  4 Gedeckt (Sw)
  1-3/5 Tierce from R4 16 Trompette ext. R9     Mixture III (Gt)
     Mixture III Ranks 6, 7, 8   8 Trompette (Gt) 32 Bombarde wired, R9
  8 Trompette Rank 9   8 Clarinet Rank 17 16 Trompette (Gt)
     Tremolo 4 Clarion ext. R9  8 Trompette (Gt)
     Great/Great 4 Tremolo  4 Clarion (Gt)
     Swell/Great 16      Great/Pedal 8
     Swell/Great 8     Great/Pedal 4
     Swell/Great 4     Swell/Pedal 8
     Pedal/Great 8     Swell/Pedal 4

Pipe Count Analysis:
16 Bourdon 109 pipes
 8 Principal (Gt)   73 pipes
 8 Principal (Pd)   44 pipes NEW
 8 Gedeckt   73 pipes
 8 Viola   73 pipes
 8 Viola Celeste (tc)   49 pipes NEW
 4 Octave   61 pipes NEW
 4 Spitz Principal   61 pipes
 2-2/3 Twelfth   61 pipes NEW
 2 Super Octave   61 pipes NEW
    Mixture III (Gt) 183 pipes
    Mixture III (Sw) 183 pipes NEW
16 Trompette   97 pipes
 8 Clarinet           61 pipes NEW
      1,189 pipes total