First Church of Christ, Scientist - Libertyville, IL

Fabry Inc. was contracted to rebuild and install this instrument in the sanctuary's very small balcony. Because of the layout of the balcony, a completely new finished cabinet enclosure was built incorporating expression shades on both the balcony side and the side facing the sanctuary. A Single Board Duo-Set combination action was provided as well as a diode matrix relay. The entire instrument was rewired with PVC covered wire with a new, all-electric swell shade action and a new all-electric tremolo installed. The instrument as built only included an 4' Principal unit, a 16' Gedeckt unit, and a 4' Viola unit. We added an 8' Trompette unit and because of the space restrictions, an electric 8' extension for 1-12 of the 8' Principal.


First Church of Christ, Scientist
Libertyville, IL
M.P. Moller Pipe Organ Company
Hagerstown, MD
Fabry Inc. Pipe Organ Builders
Antioch, IL
Op. 8685, 1955; 2016
II/4, 30 - Rocker-tab
Single Board Duo-set/Diode Matrix

Great Manual I Swell Manual II Pedal
  8 Principal Rank 1, 1-12 electric   8 Gedeckt from R2 32 Resultant wired, R2
  8 Gedeckt Rank 2   8 Viola from R3 16 Gedeckt ext. R2
  8 Viola Rank 3   4 Gedeckt from R2   8 Gedeckt from R2
  4 Principal ext. R1   4 Viola from R3   8 Viola from R3
  4 Gedeckt ext. R2   2-2/3 Gedeckt ext. R2   5-1/3 Gedeckt from R2
  4 Viola ext. R3   2 Gedeckt ext. R2   4 Principal from R1
  2-2/3 Principal ext. R1   1-3/5 Viola ext. R3   4 Gedeckt from R2
  2 Principal ext. R1   1-1/3 Gedeckt ext. R2 16 Trompette wired, R4
  8 Trompette Rank 4   8 Trompette from R4   8 Trompette from R4
  4 Trompette ext. R4   4 Trompette from R4   4 Clarion from R4
     Swell to Great      Tremolo (affects entire organ)
     Pedal to Great

     The entire organ is under expression in one box.